Tutoring For End-Of-Year Student Success

students benefitting from tutoring for student success

As schools begin the spring semester, attention is turning to preparations for end-of-year assessments. Although most schools have returned to pre-pandemic learning environments, students are still recovering from the stress on learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress Long-Term Trend Assessment Results: Reading and Mathematics, “Average scores for age 9 students in 2022 declined 5 points in reading and 7 points in mathematics compared to 2020. This is the largest average score decline in reading since 1990 and the first-ever score decline in mathematics.”

In addition, “NAEP reports scores at five selected percentiles to show the progress made by lower- (10th and 25th percentiles), middle- (50th percentile), and higher- (75th and 90th percentiles) performing students. In 2022, reading and mathematics scores for students at all five selected percentile levels declined compared to 2020. In both subjects, scores for lower-performing age 9 students declined more than scores for higher-performing students compared to 2020.”

Even more concerning is that full recovery is a few years away for some students. According to a recent K-12 Dive article, “Students in grades 3-8 are closing reading and math achievement gaps caused by pandemic disruptions to learning. But for some students — particularly those in the lower and upper end of these grades — full progress could take five or more years.” The information comes from data gathered by NWEA, a non-profit research organization. This data shows that “Black and Hispanic students, as well as students from high-poverty schools, also have the most ground to cover on the road to recovery.”

Those students who need help with recovery the most are also the students who are often less likely to receive that support outside of school.

When tutoring programs are made available by the district, every student in every grade level has equitable access to the support they need. Tutoring programs can be very effective in helping students improve their grades and prepare for end-of-year exams. For lower-performing students, the need for extra support to prepare for assessments is clear.

While some districts may face obstacles when implementing a district-wide tutoring program, there are viable options. An online tutoring program with Skooli is fully customizable and affordable.

  • Flexible, equitable on-demand tutoring at an affordable, per-student rate
  • A safe, user-friendly digital classroom
  • Cutting-edge learning tools
  • Unlimited 24/7 access for an entire year (365 days)
  • Experienced, professional educators with teaching licenses or advanced degrees
  • 1:1 individualized tutoring across 122+ subjects.

1:1 individualized tutoring is effective for students to improve their academic performance. Studies have shown that students who receive one-on-one tutoring make greater gains in achievement than those who do not and that the effects of one-on-one tutoring can last long after the sessions have ended.

In preparation for end-of-year tests, 1:1 individualized tutoring can help students better understand the material they are learning. When working with a tutor, students can have their questions answered immediately. This can make it easier for them to grasp complex concepts and retain information.

A serious concern for students regarding end-of-year testing is the anxiety and fear that often accompanies the tests. With 1:1 individualized tutoring, students can build confidence in their abilities. Working with a tutor consistently will effectively reinforce lessons taught in the classroom so students can more readily recall that information during exams.

A clear benefit of 1:1 individualized tutoring is that it can help all students by reinforcing concepts without requiring teachers to use class instruction time to reteach lessons. When students receive extra help in areas where they are struggling, they are more likely to do better on standardized assessments. This can lead to higher test scores for the entire school.

As Karyn Lewis, director of NWEA’s Center for School and Student Progress Lewis asserts in a December 2022 EducationWeek article, “‘The level of unmet needs that we continue to see and the timelines for recovery that we’re estimating here really point to the need for multilayered systems of support. It’s not going just to be classroom practice: It’s going to be additional interventions, additional outside-the-classroom activities that will be really necessary to get kids back on track—especially those kids that have been hardest hit.’”

As a research-based intervention with proven effectiveness, tutoring offers a way for districts to impact students’ learning recovery positively. Visit our website to learn more about how online tutoring with Skooli can help support your district, your teachers, and your students as they prepare for end-of-year assessments.

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