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Education @ McGill University

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French Llterature @ Columbia University

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Bachelor of Education and French @ Mary Immaculate College

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English -Cambridge CELTA, French and German @ Newcastle Univer...

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Master's in Business Administration @ National University

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Masters of Elementary Education @ The George Washington Univer...

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Law / MBA @ University of Montreal

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English, Medieval Studies @ University of Victoria

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Master of Arts: Modern Literature @ Ryerson University

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History @ The George Washington University

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History & Education @ UQAC

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BSc in Kinesiology @ York University

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How To Find A Qualified French Tutor

Trying to learn a new language is never easy, so many people turn to tutors for help learning as well as practice speaking. Finding someone to converse with you in your new language typically isn’t difficult; rather, the difficult part is finding someone who is knowledgeable in the grammar rules and has a background in teaching language.

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When searching for a French tutor, it is essential to look for someone who is certified and experienced in teaching french. In doing so, you can rest assured you will receive quality tutoring.