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Stop looking for student to tutor. Skooli connects qualified tutors with students of all ages and learning abilities in our digital classroom. Be your own boss and set your own schedule, then start tutoring.

About Skooli

With features such as video conferencing, online chat, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard our online classroom simulates the face-to-face tutoring experience while removing the geographical limits, allowing you to connect with more students.

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Cash in on your expertise

Our students want to learn from qualified educators. Convert your knowledge into cash and earn extra money in your spare time as a tutor. All you need is your expertise, a device, and a wifi connection.
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A job based around your schedule

As a Skooli tutor, you are your own boss and report to only yourself. Set your tutoring calendar around your schedule so students can easily connect with you in your available time.
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As a teacher, my goal is to help students achieve personal growth and academic success. With the Skooli classroom, I can tailor my teaching methods for different types of learners. Through customizing what I teach based on learning styles, ability levels and extra needs, I am able to facilitate optimal levels of personal and professional growth in my students.

Skooli allows me to teach whenever works best for me. I love being able to set my own schedule and still be able to tutor more students than ever before.

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