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Skooli Advisors

Skooli helps students advance their academic potential by connecting them with professional teachers in a digital classroom. Just like our students, we want to learn and continue to improve so that we can advance our potential too! Our advisors guide us and help us to better understand the needs of the students and schools we support.


Dr. Diane DeBacker

Dr. Diane DeBacker is a lifelong educator who has served as the Commissioner of Education for the state of Kansas, as a senior education advisor to the Abu Dhabi Education Council in the United Arab Emirates, and is currently serving as a Director of Education Research for RTI International. Her numerous roles have included leadership in the areas of education policy, special education, assessments, curriculum, educator standards and licensure, professional development, health and wellness initiatives, private schools, and higher education. Dr. DeBacker has a master’s in curriculum and instruction from Washburn University and a doctorate in educational administration and leadership from Kansas State University.


Armando Vilaseca

Armando Vilaseca is a passionate educator who has dedicated his life to supporting and developing education in North America and abroad. He has served as the Commissioner of Education for the state of Vermont, as a senior education advisor to the Abu Dhabi Education Council in the United Arab Emirates, and as an adjunct professor at Burlington College. He is currently an independent Education Consultant and is serving as Interim Superintendent for Addison Northeast Supervisory Union District. Mr. Vilaseca has a Master’s degree in educational leadership and administration from Lesley University.
He was drawn to education through his desire help provide young people access the best opportunities to be successful in school and beyond. Additionally, he views education as a way to have an impact on the world’s future through the lives of students. Mr. Vilaseca believes Skooli helps students succeed by bringing individualized help from highly-qualified and dedicated teachers together with the convenience of accessing this support from any location.


Simon Stanlake

Simon has been a leader and contributor in the software development industry for over 17 years. He has a wealth of experience turning great ideas into viable businesses. Simon’s most recent challenge was at Hootsuite, where as CTO, he led product, technology and engineering during the company’s formative years. Under his direction, Hootsuite developed an industry leading product, scaled the product/engineering team from ten to 120 people, and helped grow annual recurring revenue from zero to over $50 million. Simon also placed a major emphasis on new product growth, successfully launching three new business lines. Drawing on his start-up expertise, Simon is now advising mission-driven tech startups, while making time to enjoy family life and his passion for cycling.