Why Tutoring Services Are Important For Students in 2023

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Tutoring has long held its position as an effective intervention for students who struggle, and for good reason. Research has long shown that tutoring helps, whether a student needs support in one subject or across all subjects.

Benefits of tutoring during pandemic recovery

A Brookings article by Andre Nickow, Phillip Oreopoulos, and Vincent Quan looking at tutoring’s role in the pandemic recovery explained, “When it comes to interventions that can help students get back on track, tutoring—defined here as one-on-one or small-group instructional programs—readily comes to mind. As educators will attest, tutoring ranks among the most widespread, versatile, and potentially transformative instruments within today’s educational toolkit.”

However, for many years tutoring was reserved for those students who were the lowest performing or who had specific disabilities, especially learning disabilities like dyslexia.

The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on the need for intervention as schooling moved online. There was no doubt that students would experience learning lags coupled with a loss of self-esteem. No matter that districts and teachers did their best to provide quality education with little prep time, some students didn’t have access to the technology and internet access they needed to make the new mode of education work.

Private tutoring could help academic performance for next year’s NAEP test scores

The American Rescue Plan Act funding included provisions for schools for research-backed interventions. Tutoring again emerged as a top tool for schools. Numerous plans emerged – extra tutoring provided by tutors, tutoring by community members, peer tutoring, and professional tutoring.

While teachers are the most aware of the lessons being taught in the classroom and which ones need to be repeated, they also have limited availability for tutoring. While community members are able to relate lessons to real-world situations, they may not be able to explain concepts in a way that students can understand. And while peer tutors can be less intimidating because they relate on an equal level, they, too, may have a hard time explaining concepts to their classmates.

Professional tutors are in a unique position to provide the best tutoring services. Professional tutors are highly qualified to provide individualized tutoring. Knowledgeable and experienced, they can provide customized instruction and support to help students learn more effectively.

How can tutoring help students perform better in school?

Here are three reasons Skooli‘s professional tutors are a better choice for providing support for all learners:

1. Professional tutors have more experience and expertise. They know how to teach the material effectively and can help students learn more effectively. Professional tutors are qualified. Skooli tutors are experienced educators who possess teaching licenses or advanced degrees in the subject they are tutoring, meaning students receive help from true subject-matter experts while improving study skills and study habits.

2. Professional tutors can provide customized instruction based on the individual needs of each student. They can provide one-on-one attention. This allows for a more personalized learning experience since the tutor can focus on the student’s individual needs. While small group tutoring may have value, one-on-one tutoring sessions allow the tutor to focus on the specific concepts the tutee is struggling with. Therefore, our professional tutors can offer more targeted and individualized attention that can better meet the needs of individual students. In addition, professional tutors can provide more comprehensive support for students’ academic success.

3. Professional tutors will have more availability. Teachers, community professionals, and even peer tutors have other responsibilities to fulfill, so tutoring has to fit into their open time slots. Skooli offers customizable tutoring programs such as unlimited, on-demand tutoring or high-dosage scheduled sessions. Whether students need live, unlimited, 24/7, on-demand homework help, feedback on an assignment (in 24 hours or less), or help to review for a test, they will have access to help that fits into their schedule.

As the results of the NAEP from spring 2022 show, students need intervention both to recover learning lost and to make up learning that did not happen as a result of the pandemic.

Skooli offers professional tutoring in an equitable and affordable online platform.

Your district can make tutoring accessible to all students in a safe and convenient environment. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help your students succeed.

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