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Online Reading Tutors

You’ve come to the right place to find the best Reading tutors. Our online tutors are ready to give you the Reading help you need.


Anatomy @ McGill University

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Leadership in Teaching @ Notre Dame of Maryland University

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BA (hons) degree @ National University of Ireland

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Primary/Junior Education @ University of Windsor

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Education @ Mico University

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History & German @ Lipscomb University

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Doctorate of Education, Special Education @ Kennesaw State Uni...

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Primary/ Elementary Education @ Memorial University of Newfoun...

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Elementary Education @ Mount Saint Mary's University

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Bachelors, Language and Literacy @ Mico University

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Life Sciences @ Massachusetts of Technology

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English @ Saint Anselm College

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Why Online Reading Tutoring Works

Online classrooms have come a long way. With the integration of several tools, they’ve become the perfect place for online reading tutoring for students ranging from kindergarten to adult ESL students who want to hone on their reading comprehension and vocabulary with a trained reading tutor.

Reading tutoring works so well in the online classroom because of the tools and features that have been developed. With HD video and audio, the reading tutor and student are able to hear and see one another clearly - an important factor when learning to read.

Get Reading Help Now:

File sharing allows the tutor and student to share documents that they can then read aloud to one another; it also allows the reading tutor to supply the student with files he or she can read between tutoring sessions. The interactive whiteboard is a very productive place when it comes to online reading tutoring. It allows the tutor to provide sentences and words for the student to read. The tutor can easily adapt lessons and content in the online classroom to ensure a truly personalized learning experience for the student.