4 common mistakes students make in online learning environments

Online tutoring offers many advantages, but students are required to give just as much time to see improvements in their grades or understanding of a subject. Avoid these common mistakes below and use your tutoring sessions to your advantage.

Getting distracted — and assuming your tutor can’t see

When in an online learning environment, there are a lot of tempting distractions. It’s too easy to click another window and check the score of the game, or keep your phone next to you and text while your tutor is explaining something. Not only are you not fooling them — believe us, they know! — but you’re only hurting yourself. This is your learning time, and by investing the time in hard work now, you’ll save time in the future.

Not going in with a plan

Many students think that simply booking a tutoring session is all they need to do. It’s the first step, but learning isn’t a passive experience. Start your tutoring by outlining your goals, including milestones you need to reach along the way. Keep your tutor up-to-date with your school progress and what you continue to struggle with.

Not asking questions

Online learning environments like Skooli offer convenient scheduling and the opportunity to work with education specialists from anywhere in the world. However, the downside is that some students feel more reluctant to ask questions along the way because they feel as if they’re interrupting. Don’t be afraid to jump in as your tutor is explaining concepts to make sure you understand every step.

Coming unprepared

Being prepared doesn’t only refer to materials, although you’ll definitely want to make sure you have all of those. Have your textbooks, notes, assignments, and any other necessary supplies (such as calculators) with you so that you’re not interrupting your lesson by running to get them. However, preparedness also refers to knowing what you want to accomplish in each lesson, and how that fits in your overall learning goals. Come in to each tutoring session ready to learn, and get the most out of Skooli’s online tutoring space.

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