Online tutoring: Why ‘free tutoring’ isn’t always the best

We’re sure that while looking for the perfect tutoring solution online, you’ve come across tutoring websites offering free services. You’ve likely also considered giving free tutoring a try. And while ‘free’ always sounds appealing, when it comes to you (or your child’s) learning, free may not be the best.

At Skooli, we make sure that when you’re paying for your tutor sessions, you’re paying for quality. This means that, aside from all the other benefits of online tutoring like convenience and availability,Skooli offers you several checkpoints to ensure you’re connecting with a knowledgeable tutor.

Listed qualifications

As you browse through tutors on Skooli, you’ll be able to see each tutor’s individual qualifications clearly listed on their profiles. A tutor’s profile functions like a resume — review the tutors that interest you and choose the one that has desirable qualifications.

Reviews & ratings

On Skooli, we provide students the ability to review their tutors. If you’re someone who relies heavily on user feedback, this will be a feature that you’ll enjoy. Browse through tutors by subject on Skooli, then sort by highest rated to see tutors that have received the most positive student feedback.


Tutors can opt to have their profiles verified by Skooli. What does verified mean? It’s a quality assurance check that we perform on their credentials (university degrees, diplomas, certifications, etc).

So though you are paying for tutoring instead of studying with a free tutor, you are making sure that the time that you dedicate to learning is time well spent with a qualified teacher. And we’re sure you’ve heard the saying, “time is money!”

Another benefit of paying for quality instead of opting for free is that you can receive really personalized, focused learning. With free services, often times what is initially called ‘tutoring’ turns out to be stock solutions to general problems and not one-on-one attention to students. What’s the point in putting in time to improve your grades if it only wastes your time in the long run?

Stop searching and start studying! Browse our fully qualified tutors on Skooli and find one that suits your learning needs.

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