Online tutoring: what are the benefits?

Need extra help with a specific subject? Or perhaps you’re looking to learn something new altogether, like Italian. With Skooli, we’ve tried to make connecting virtually with a tutor the perfect solution to all your learning needs. But some people are still skeptical about the benefits of online tutoring.

At Skooli, we’re trying to change the mentality from that of skepticism to appreciation. Many benefits make it not only competitive with in-person tutoring, but superior. Read below.


We know that families are increasingly busy and trying to find the time to meet with tutors in person can be really difficult. Online tutoring removes geographical and time barriers from both parents and students.

To see the benefits here, all you need do is search for a tutor in your area that is available on your schedule, knowledgeable in the subject you’re studying, and has affordable rates. It can be near impossible, depending on the subject! When you lift restrictions like proximity and time zones, you instantly increase your opportunity to find the perfect tutor.


Let’s say you studied Spanish in Barcelona and really liked the accent there. Now, you’d like to continue practising Spanish with a tutor from Barcelona. This might mean, if you’re lucky, that you find one possible tutor in your area to suit your needs. Often times, with that kind of criteria, you could find none.

Instead of constantly refreshing your local Craigslist listing looking for the tutor that meets all your criteria, Skooli literally opens a world of selection. This also means that you don’t have to settle for the first tutor that comes along that speaks Spanish with an accent from northern Spain, either. You can be more selective: now aside from basic criteria, you can look to find a tutor who has a personality that you mesh well with, and someone who can accommodate your learning style.


If you do happen to find a local tutor that meets your criteria, one of you is going to have to cough up the bus money (and the travel time!) to get to the other. And more often than not, it’s the student that’s expected to do the traveling. Online tutoring eliminates the added travel time and cost to each of your lessons. You can conduct your lessons from the comfort of your home (or dorm room).


One of the biggest skepticisms we hear has to do with technology: can it really be better to add technology to the mix, won’t that be a hindrance? Actually, no, technology can bring so many benefits to the playing field. For example, learners that like repetition or review (or aural learners) can record and replay the sessions later on.

Have you ever tried online tutoring? Would you? Check out Skooli’s virtual classroom to give it a try!

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