Win $1000 for school with the Skooli Scholarship

Skooli Scholarship

If you or someone you know is a high school student in grade 9-12, including those finishing high school this academic year (2015-2016), you could be interested in the 2016 Skooli Scholarship! The award is worth $1000 and the winner will also be published in EdSurge and receive 8 hours of Skooli online tutoring.

As ambassadors of education-technology, Skooli is using the Skooli Scholarship to engage students in critical thought about the future of learning. All you need to do to apply for the award is write something awesome about ed-tech and its implications for the future of learning (have a look at the Skooli Scholarship article requirements). We’ll pick the winner and a pair of runners-up following the August 21st application deadline.

Why we’re investing in the Skooli Scholarship

We’re advocates for education and are thrilled to offer financial and educational support for aspiring students.

At Skooli, we believe in the integration of technology and education. We see incredible importance in young people thinking critically about the future of learning. We’re investing in the Skooli Scholarship because we want to recognize students for outstanding digital literacy, quality content creation, an understanding of the implications of education-technology, and creativity.


Find all the info you need on the Skooli Scholarship.



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