10 study tips with funny and cute GIFs for final exam season

Final exam season is here, so surely high school students everywhere are doubling down with their math tutors and upping their sleep in preparation to rake in those A+ grades. However, in case anyone is in need of some extra tips on how to make their studying really count this spring, we have a few tips:

1. Spread out your studying; don’t leave it to the last minute!

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Avoid cramming. If you have multiple exams, plan when you will study for each one – and don’t forget to take breaks! This is a key way to avoid stress. 

2. Have healthy habits. 

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Eat well, sleep well, exercise, maybe even try meditation (a beginner’s guide for meditation can be found here). You can also find some easy-to-implement lifestyle tips here, including examples of good brain foods (hint: broccoli is good for you).

3. Ask for one-on-one support and get the right study material. 

Ask for one-on-one support. Your teachers and tutors can help provide you with the study material, strategy, and even practice exams you need to do well on your finals. Keep in mind that lots of final exams are repeated every year – same format, different questions – so talking to the right people can really help you boost those grades. Plus, a personalized approach tends to contribute to better grades.

4. Get help when you need it. 

Don’t be afraid, embarrassed, or too lazy to ask for help. If you’re studying for a math final and are struggling with a specific area of the course, ask for math help in that specific subject or topic. (Yes, it really does help to have your questions and areas of difficulty identified before asking for help.)

5. Avoid distractions.

While studying, toss your phone to the side or use its “do not disturb” feature to eliminate distractions. Save video games and television for study breaks; trying to speed study between rounds of Call of Duty or watch TV while studying just doesn’t work.

6. Tidy up your notes. 

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Make sure your notes are organized in a logical way. Sticky notes, highlighters, different colored pens, and separate notebooks for different courses often come in handy when trying to tidy pen and paper notes. If you prefer to study on a screen, most of these tools have a digital counterpart. Further, tidy notes will help you to clearly illustrate to your teacher or tutor the areas in which you need help.

7. Find your study spot.

Pick a place to study that’s comfortable and makes you feel productive. Some people like open spaces, while others prefer more confined areas. You can also try being near a window to allow the entry of some natural light and leaving the house to find a spot at a local coffee spot or library. You’ll also want to make sure your study space is void of distraction, clean, and organized.

8. Reward yourself

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It’s important to treat yourself when you make some solid study progress. Tackling a challenging algebra concept, memorizing the location of every state, or grasping complex symbolism in an English novel deserves a reward. Good study rewards could be spending time with friends, watching your favourite TV show, going for a run, eating your favourite snack, or anything else that serves as a pat on the back from you to yourself.

9. On exam day, let it happen.


Trust that you know what you need to. If you’re properly prepared, there’s nothing you can do on exam day other than let it happen. Try not to stress, avoid cramming, and ace that test!

10. Remember: after exam season comes summertime.

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Enough said.

Good luck to students everywhere on their final exams. Have a great summer! 🙂

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