We’re going back to school, beta-free

Today is an exciting day in the Skooli office. It’s September, the coffee is fresh, and we’ve just unveiled the first official version of Skooli.com. It’s been eight months since we launched the beta version of Skooli, and we’ve been so grateful for every user that signed up and took the classroom for a spin.

The feedback we’ve received from users has been overwhelming, and we’ve been making little changes week by week. Some subtle, some huge. So, what’s different?

1. Free trials

This is #1 because, well, who doesn’t like free stuff? We understand that it’s hard to commit to something before you’ve tried it, and hey, we want you to try Skooli. So your first session is on us.

2. Monthly subscriptions

You might remember that Skooli began as an online tutor marketplace. You had to purchase credits and use those to book a tutor who charged anywhere from $10 to $90. Students were spending too much of their time comparing prices, and not enough time learning. Now, students are getting into the classroom more quickly, and that’s win-win for everyone.

Skooli's new monthly pricing

3. Improved scheduling

Booking a session is how most students on Skooli receive tutoring, and we’ve made that process a whole lot simpler. Instead of relying on blocks of time that a tutor has marked as available, students can request a time — any time — and the tutor has 24 hours to accept that request. And to make it even easier, we’ve added a booking widget to the top of tutor profiles.

Skooli's new scheduler

4. Referrals

I want to share with you a little-known fact about Skooli: You can actually earn money by referring students. Once you’ve signed up with any account type, you will see the referral link in the bottom left of your dashboard. Every referred student gets $10 off their subscription, and once they’ve started their first paid month, you earn $10. Click, share, get rewarded.

Skooli's new referral program

5. School pages

Schools, we didn’t forget about you! During our beta test, we met with high school administrators from all over the US and Canada. We’re now set up to create custom tutoring programs and landing pages, with tutors that meet each school’s subject and curriculum needs. If you’re interested in setting something up for your own students, click here to get in touch with us.

A few other improvements:

  • Quicker signup process
  • Streamlined student-tutor communication
  • Improved search
  • Even better tutor selection

And there you have it. We’re all really excited about these changes, and we also have some more huge features that we will be announcing in the coming months (seriously, they’re awesome). Until then, we hope you like what we’ve done with the place!

Go ahead and sign up or sign in »

– Larissa and the Skooli Team

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