Top 5 mobile apps for students

Thanks to the hundreds of apps available for students these days, studying doesn’t have to be such a pain in the neck. We’re sharing our top 5 favorite apps here that help simplify everyday studying tasks to free up more time for you to focus on what matters.
All the apps included in this list are free, so feel free to try them all!

(Apple users)
SelfControl is a really helpful app for all those students out there who get distracted really easily by all that’s available to them on the internet – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Whatever your poison, dedicating a few minutes here and a few minutes there while studying to answering Facebook messages or scanning your friends’ latest photos on Instagram really add up and detract from your study time.

To help you avoid these distractions, SelfControl lets you block certain websites for a specific amount of time. This way, you can fully concentrate on your studying task at hand and ignore what’s happening on social media.


(Android, iOS)
ExamTime is the perfect tool to help you study better. It lets you create digital ‘mind maps’, cue cards, quizzes, and notes. These tools can be used prior to exams or tests to help prepare. You can also create and share resources with your friends and fellow classmates.

Math Alarm Clock
(Android, iOS)
This app not only gets you out of bed, but it warms up your brain using math problems while it’s at it! If you’re looking to spend some extra time working on math drills, why not make it your first focus in the morning? Instead of just waking up to his the snooze button, challenge yourself with a math problem in order to turn your alarm off.

For the students that struggle with scheduling, there’s Studious. Studious allows you to keep track of homework deadlines, exam times, and even allows you to swap schedules with other Studious users so you can schedule study time together around your tests and assignments. It also silences your phone for you while you’re in class so you don’t have to worry about it ringing and distracting other students.

The old standby, Cliffsnotes, is now available in app form for students who need a little extra support understanding their literature homework outside of class and their sessions with their tutors. There’s a reason Cliffsnotes have been the old standby since 1958 – they really work! Now, you can study using just your phone – look at plot summaries, character and theme analyses, and quizzes to test your knowledge level. You can even study using two separate scheduling modes, depending on how much time you have before your test: Cram or full plan modes.

What are your favorite mobile apps for studying? Share them in the comments below!

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