This video of a student learning to speak without a stammer will make you cry

musharaf stammer educating yorkshire

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

At Skooli, we believe that a great teacher can bring incredible opportunities to his or her students. That’s why we keep the above quote written across our chalkboard at all times.

The video below, from Educating Yorkshire, is a perfect example of a great teacher spending one-on-one time with a student of his who had his own unique struggle with learning. The student, Musharaf, faced a tremendous obstacle en route to university – a severe stammer. It was extremely challenging for him to speak out loud, especially in front of his peers. But with guidance and support from a committed teacher called Mr. Burton, he was able learn to speak well enough to not only earn the grade he needed on his English speaking exam, but also deliver a tear-jerking speech in front of his entire school.

See it all for yourself here:

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