Answer this question and you could win a $5,000 scholarship!

admitsee high school college scholarship scholarships

Our friends at AdmitSee are giving away a $5,000 scholarship! Read below to learn more about how you or the student in your family could win. High school and college students are eligible. The deadline is December 15th, so apply soon!

Here’s some more info on the scholarship from AdmitSee:

College applications are tough for everyone. Everyone searches for a “secret weapon” or an advantage to gain acceptance to their dream schools, but what if we were able to make it easy for everyone?

AdmitSee is a database of successful college application files crowdsourced from college students themselves. Each file contains their application materials, including background, test scores, extracurriculars, essays and advice.

Our mission is to level the playing field by bringing transparency to college admissions. How do we do that? Well on top of giving college applicants a more holistic understanding of the college application, we are also giving away a $5,000 scholarship.

Simply answer the question “What’s the most frustrating thing about applying to college?” (max. 100 words) for a chance to win! A new winner selected every semester to help cover books, computers, food, and education-related expenses. Additionally, we are also partnering with Pithy Edits to give away a comprehensive essay editing package every week! The winner will receive unlimited essay editing help for one essay to get it from draft to final with no charge and no stress.

Help us help you! Apply now!

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