Online study help: setting achievable goals

Now that January is over and we’re into February, if you’re anything like most of the population, you’ve probably already slacked on some of your New Year’s resolutions. It happens to the best of us.

But what is it about resolutions that makes them so darn unachieveable? Have you ever looked at which goals you manage to keep and which seem so impossible? Maybe you’re really hoping to achieve some of your resolutions this year in order to improve your grades.

If that’s the case, the differences between these goals are usually very slight, and we’re going to share three simple tips below to change your attitude so you can get a head start on your study goals.

Write your goals down

It’s easy to say something and then ignore it, but if you’ve written down your goal and have to face it every day, it’s harder to ignore. Sometimes even, staring at an uncompleted goal that’s written down right in front of you can get under your skin so intensely that you’ll act on it. Simple solution.

Better yet, tell someone else about your study goals. Why not spend some time with your online tutor and tell him or her exactly what you hope to achieve in the next month, two months, three months? Then your tutor will know exactly what you hope to achieve and will hold you to your end of the bargain.

Be realistic

Wouldn’t it be great if changing your D in Chemistry to an A was as simple as setting a resolution to study an extra 30 minutes a week? Unfortunately, that might not be the case. So being realistic is important. If you set unrealistic study goals, they just won’t happen.

A good way to be realistic about your goals is to break them up into smaller achievements that actually are manageable and doable. For example, instead of saying, “I want to change my D in Chemistry to an A by the end of the month,” why not try, “I want to ace the next test I have in Chemistry.” A smaller goal, but it will have a lot more impact because you’ll be much more likely to succeed.

Set a routine

One of the easiest ways to get into positive study habits is to stick to a routine that you build for yourself. Let’s go back to the D in Chemistry. Let’s say you want to improve that grade by the end of the semester by two letters to a B. Totally doable, but you’ll have to be diligent. You’ll have to set a study routine.

This is where your tutor can make a big difference. Tell your tutor what your current grade is, what your current struggles are, and just what you’d like to achieve through your sessions. Then let your tutor determine how much study time you’ll likely need. But be sure to stick to this routine that the two of you have made. And back to the second piece of advice: make it realistic. Don’t decide that you’ll do an hour of Chemistry every night because then your other grades will suffer and you’ll have no down time.

If you can use these three tips when thinking about your study goals, you’ll be able to build a totally actionable study plan. So take a few minutes and consider these tips, then meet with a Skooli tutor to get started!

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