5 study hacks to help you study better

Getting study help with an online tutor is a great way to increase your learning and decrease your frustration. It can also help you think of your more challenging projects in a new way because you can get help from a subject matter expert.

But aside from the time that you spend studying online with your teacher, there are many other things that you can do that don’t seem like studying at all that can make the time that you do spend studying way more productive.

Go for walks

Walking or getting some exercise before you sit down to do a test can improve brain power and memory function. In fact, if you spend the 20 minutes before your exam walking around instead of sitting and cramming, it might make you much more effective when you sit down with your test.

Draw pictures

This tip engages the visual side of your brain and helps draw associations between pictures or diagrams and the information you’ve just studied. Sometimes tests themselves include pictures (for example, when you’re asked to label different muscle groups, an atom, or identify different plants), so doing this sort of thing at home or with your online tutor can be very helpful.

Study out loud

When you’re finished your study session with your online tutor and want to continue to study by yourself or the night before your test, spend some time reading out loud to yourself. Many studies show that you can be up to 50% more likely to remember information that you’d said out loud than when you’ve just reread the information silently.

Try to teach what you’ve learned to someone else

A great way to check for your own understanding is seeing how well you can explain what you’ve learned out loud. Whether you want to sit down some of your family members and tell them about what you’ve learned or you give a private class to your pet, it doesn’t really matter! Just ask yourself – how well could you explain what you’ve just studied?

Search Netflix

This might seem like a time-wasting tip, but there are so many great documentaries on Netflix, it’s not hard to find something on almost any study subject! Or, if you’re studying a language, search for foreign language films and find one in your target language to watch. Watching movies on a specific subject is a great way to get some of the information in an entertaining manner. Ask your online tutor to suggest some documentaries to you for further study – or fun!

Try implementing these first five tips to make your online study time with your tutor that much more beneficial. We’ll be back with five more tips!

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