Is Your Student College Ready?

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It happens more often than you might think: a high-achieving high school student, excited for the next step in education, goes to college…and fails. While we know that college is different from high school in many ways, most of which are intended to be more challenging, it still doesn’t seem to add up. How could a motivated, smart kid drop off the cliff like that academically at such an important time in their education?

Obviously, making good grades in high school and wanting to succeed in college is not enough. So how can students, parents, and institutions prevent students from hitting this freshman wall? The answer to the problem may be simple, regular tutoring.31582249 – student male raising his hand in university class

According to experts at Pacific College, good habits and preparedness to use those habits are crucial for new college students. Taking notes, using an agenda, and reviewing regularly are great habits to bring to college. Tutoring sessions are where many students learn and practice these skills in high school.

Think about it: a tutor will ask a student about the class agenda, and often insist that the student keep a steady schedule of the class written down in order to mark progress and anticipate new subjects and tests. They will also frequently review and expand on class notes. Tutors are great sources for students to learn how to improve their note-taking while still in high school, so the skill is honed and well in place before attending their first college class.

Another trait of successful college students, according to experts, is confident participation in class. Students who actively participate in class and ask questions “gain extra knowledge, clarify information, build relationships with professors, begin discussions, and understand the subject matter deeper” (Pacific College). But how to send students to college sure and confident to participate in a college class? Again, tutoring is the answer.

For many middle and high school students, 1:1 professional tutoring is a great place to safely build confidence about asking questions and having open discussions about a subject, rather than simply listening to a lecture. Skooli’s 1:1 online tutoring is conducted by professional teachers, many of whom have experience in college courses.

Professors know that students who actively participate in the class will have a deeper understanding of the material and remember more about the course further down the academic path. Holding regular discussions with tutors can send students to college understanding the importance of engaging fully in the subject, rather than passively listening to the material hour after hour.

Students need to take certain skills and behaviors to college in order to be successful, and not all of these habits are taught explicitly in high school classes.

Skooli tutors know what students need to be successful, not just in the class at hand, but in academic life as a whole. If nothing else, students who are familiar with regular tutoring know how to ask for help and use that help effectively.

Clear, organized study strategies and confident, productive participation habits are excellent preparation that can come from professional, 24-7 online tutoring that Skooli is proud to provide your students.

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