AI is Coming: Are You Ready?

AI is not only coming; it’s here. Are your students and teachers ready to use it to their advantage? As reports roll in from all sectors of education, a few things come to the surface in almost every report. AI is here, and it is here to stay — and that is both an asset and a challenge.

One concern is that students will need individualized support and instruction to use that AI to the best of their educational advantage, and to do that teachers are going to need new and stronger kinds of support. But even with the influx of data and technology, the reports claim, there is a need to balance the good with the bad. Teachers often worry about students being distracted or misled by AI.

Take for instance the constant presence of the smartphone, or the possibility for AI to lead to plagiarism. Educators are in wide agreement that learning how to integrate and use AI effectively and professionally is a must to combat that learning curve.

Fortunately, Skooli is an expert at using and integrating AI and was doing exactly that many years before the pandemic pushed so many students online. Just because the issue has become apparent now does not mean it hasn’t been there for years; Skooli believes that teacher support and proper AI integration have been needed in our schools for decades.

In the Education Focus Report released this year, tutoring and integration of 1:1 technology were the top responses for relieving learning loss and covering educational gaps in K-12. Students who have access to professional learning technology are going to be more able to achieve learning goals, make use of things like tutoring, and even enter the job market readily. But simply making the technology available isn’t enough, as post-pandemic surveys and reports have shown.

The Education Focus Report includes that there is a steep learning curve when it comes to using new technology effectively. This curve makes it important for schools and institutions to have help, help from experienced professionals.

Skooli provides schools and educators an option for how to support their students with both AI integration and individualized support. Experienced, professional educators are needed to make sure that students achieve both the skills and the understanding to use AI effectively and to improve learning strategies. Individualized, scalable support is an agreed method of improving students’ scores, and Skooli has the tools to incorporate that with extensive AI training while not adding to the burden of classroom educators.

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