10 reasons your child should try online tutoring in 2016

10 reasons your child should try online tutoring in 2016

1. Achieve New Year education goals

New Year’s resolutions for school-aged kids can be anything from improving study habits to earning an A in math. No matter what your child’s education goals are for 2016, online tutoring can help. An online tutor can work with your child to set learning goals and to design a structured study plan, while a well-equipped online tutoring website will provide the tools necessary to accomplish those goals.

2. Refresh on course material after the holidays

The holidays are a hectic couple of weeks spent away from the classroom and it’s no secret that most kids don’t keep their noses buried in their books during the holidays. It’s common for studying to be a rarity over the break and in turn, for course material to be a distant memory come the new year. Online tutoring provides an accessible and structured way for students to work with a professional teacher to refresh and catch up after a fun-filled holiday season.

3. Better use of screen time

With young people spending more and more time with technology, facilitating better screen time will be top of mind for many parents in 2016. Converting hours spent with games and apps that don’t help in the classroom to online tutoring hours might be the best way to make use of that brand new iPad in the new year.

4. Accomplish your own New Year’s Resolutions

You’ve got goals for the new year, too! Take a load off of your own shoulders by finding a tutor online to take care of the extra study help your child needs at home. Set up some online tutoring sessions in the new year and free up some time get yourself to the gym, go out for dinner, or meet a friend.  

5. Exceed college and university benchmarks

Success in grades 11 and 12 are key in a student’s academic career; these years determine whether a student’s grades are high enough to be accepted to the college or university of his or her choice. There is always more room for success – with higher grades come better post-secondary schools and programs and potential for scholarships. Find a tutor online and help your child make his or her post-secondary dreams comes true.

6. Keep up with schoolwork while away on vacation

Family trips are common during the winter and spring months, but sometimes they mean missing several days in the classroom. Arranging even a single session with an online tutor while you’re away on vacation could be the difference between whether or not your child falls behind during your trip.

7. Exam prep

For many students, exam season is just around the corner and time off for the holidays probably isn’t the most convenient when it comes to retaining course concepts and methods for final exams. If your child has exams coming up or is currently in classes that extend for the entire duration of the academic year, an online tutoring website might be your new best friend. An online tutor can help students ace exams with individualized instruction and professional knowledge.

8. Stay on board with global education trends

Did you know that supplementary education is on the rise in countries around the world? And that North Americans might be falling behind when it comes to supplementary education? In comparing the numbers of tutoring centres to school-aged children in Vancouver, BC – a fairly progressive Canadian city in terms of education – and Hiroshima, Japan, the evidence becomes clear. In Vancouver, there are 74 tutoring locations for approximately 275,000 students whereas in Hiroshima there are 600 for a school-age population of 150,000 (read more on this here). Online tutoring is the most convenient way to effectively get on board with supplementary education.

9. Personalized learning works wonders

Whether your child has a difficult time with the traditional classroom model of learning or there’s simply untapped potential, personalized learning could be the key. While the classroom is imperative in today’s education system, individualized supplementary education is the little extra that provides the space for your child to ask his or her own questions and to learn at an individual pace.

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