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Valery Lacoste

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  • Valery Lacoste

Teacher @ Abbey Meadows
Education @ McGill University, Class of 2015
I can tutor , ,
Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School
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About Valery

Math and History can sometimes be the toughest subjects to master! So what can you do? Find a way to make it fun! 

Everyone knows how to do math, my job is to find a way to explain difficult concepts in a way that you'll understand (and not how I understand). It's important to think about the things that you enjoy and then try to apply mathematical concepts to that so that they make sense to you.

The same can be said about history. Everything about our lives is defined by choices that were made years ago. So I like to try and take that approach when I tutor.

Learning should be fun and interesting. It shouldn't be something you do, just because you think you have to. 

Reach out and let me make learning fun for you again and let's tackle any one of those difficult problems together!



McGill University
2010 - 2015


Brevet - Quebec Minister of Education
2015 - 2017

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Abbey Meadows
Sep 2016 - Present

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