Why chemistry is so hard

For many students, chemistry isn’t a walk in the park. Is it more than just a bad rap, though? Why is chemistry hard for so many students? Below, we share some reasons.

In order to understand chemistry, you need to know some math

“Math too?!” You might be thinking. And it’s true! Chemistry uses math concepts up to high school algebra, so if you’re struggling in your math classes, it’s likely that you’ll struggle in your chemistry class too. Chemistry uses all sorts of mathematical ideas, including geometry, calculus, and algebra.

Studying chemistry means learning a new language too

Chemistry has its own language, and you need to learn and understand it in order to understand chemistry. What do we mean? Well, there are 118 elements, and there is an entirely unique system in place in order to write chemical equations that requires specific language. So on top of learning concepts, you have to learn how to apply the new language for others to understand as well.

Chemistry can require a lot more study time from students

Writing an essay in your spare time can be daunting enough, but often times it just takes the right idea to strike and you’re off. With chemistry, you might need to dedicate more time. Often times, you’ll have lab time on top of class time, then there are lab write-ups and sometimes even before you get to do your labs, there are pre-lab write-ups! That’s a lot of your time!

An online chemistry tutor can help

If you’re struggling to dedicate enough time to your chemistry assignments and to studying for your chemistry tests, while also maintaining your other grades, it might be time to consider an online tutor. Getting extra chemistry help online is a great way to shave off some of the time that you dedicate to your chemistry homework by having someone else explain more complex problems in an easy-to-understand way.

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