What’s right for you: homework help or regular online tutoring?

online tutoring homework help

Here’s what you might be thinking: Wait…  There’s a difference between homework help and regular tutoring!?

And here’s my answer: YES! There is.

Let me explain.

Homework help is the assistance required to complete an assignment or particular piece of school work at a standard decided by the student. Homework help is specific to that particular assignment and the chapter, unit, course, and subject to which it belongs. It requires a tutor who can provide the exact guidance needed to complete the homework. The best tutors for homework help will also try to ensure that the student finishes the session with the understanding to complete the same, or a similar, piece of homework on their own.

Example of homework help: Ryan needs help finishing his trigonometry assignment. A tutor helps him complete his homework by coaching him through the assignment. Ryan may not require tutoring from this tutor again, but he understands what he needs to in order to complete his task at hand.

Regular (online) tutoring is academic support at regular intervals, whether daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. Regular tutoring happens with the same tutor session after session, and each session builds on prior lessons. Typically, regular tutoring occurs in a particular subject area, but not necessarily the same course. In some cases, regular tutoring may even transition to mentorship.

Example of regular tutoring: Jenna, a 10th grade student, wants to get into Northwestern University. She’s arranged regular weekly online math tutoring for one-on-one support. She plans on attending these sessions through 11th grade to make sure her overall math grades are the best she can produce for her application.

TL;DR: Homework help is short-term academic support, whereas regular tutoring is long-term academic support.

Now you might be wondering which of the above, homework help or regular tutoring, Skooli can provide.

If you guessed homework help, you’re right! If you guessed regular tutoring, you’re also right! We do both.

The Skooli platform certainly was not designed to connect students with people to do their homework for them, but it was built to provide students with on-demand access to a tutor to provide instant homework help. In a matter of a couple minutes, a student can visit the Skooli site, create an account, type in their subject, and be in the online classroom getting homework help with a certified teacher.

Skooli’s advanced scheduling capabilities not only make regular tutoring on Skooli possible, but very easy as well. Students can book sessions with the tutor of their choice ahead of time and immediately following the session, they can schedule their next one so they’re always a step ahead.

So, what’s right for you? Homework help or regular tutoring? The answer depends on your goals. If your learning goals are immediate and you simply need to get that homework done, then seek homework help; you can always transition to regular tutoring later. If your goals are long term, like college acceptance or a certain grade at the end of your course, regular tutoring is the answer for you.

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    1. Yes you are right, but tutors help is essential because they can help students to do their homework on time and provide them ways to qualify their exams through shortcut methods that schools are not able to provide.

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  3. Depends on how the student approaches homework!
    The Internet has made things easy, There is nothing that the book has and the internet does not. Online tutoring is eventually going to be the necessity. the way I see it, it might even be as important as regular schooling

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