Tutors: Follow these tips to book more sessions

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Are you a Skooli online tutor who’s ready to book more sessions? Maybe you’re getting ready to book your first session on the site. Regardless, there are some super easy key steps you can take to get students to request sessions with you:

1. Login to your Skooli account often. The more active you are, the higher you’ll show up in search results when students or parents are seeking a tutor.

2. Respond to student messages and encourage them to book a session with you. Getting back to students in a timely manner shows that you’re interested in tutoring, engaged on the Skooli platform, and eager to help them learn.

3. Set your availability. Use the calendar in your dashboard to share the times and days that you’re most open to accepting session requests.

4. React quickly to session requests. Sometimes requests are sent to multiple tutors at the same time. Be the first tutor to confirm and the session’s yours!

5. Record a profile video. If students can get an idea of your personality from a simple intro video, you’re certain to attract more students and more session requests. Check out one of our math tutor’s introduction videos on his profile here. Yours can be even simpler than Eric’s if you like; any amount of time a student can hear and see you will help them feel more inclined to request a session with you.

6. Use social media. Posting to Facebook or tweeting to the Twitterverse about your online tutoring services will give you an upper hand and may help to attract students who aren’t even on Skooli yet.

7. Feel free to contribute learning resources for students to the Skooli team. We’ll publish useful content for K-12 and college students to our blog, credit you, and link directly to your tutor profile. Email me at brett@skooli.com if you have educational material to share or if you have any questions about this.

Happy online tutoring!

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