Skooli’s online tutoring features for parents

skooli online tutoring parent features

In addition to helping students boost their grades and ace their finals, Skooli’s online tutoring platform also strives to make life easier for parents. We understand that there are only so many hours in a day and that 24/7 scheduling and a learn-from-anywhere model are big positives for parents when it comes to picking a tutor.

Skooli has also integrated some really innovative key features to create the best experience for parents. These features allow parents to be comfortable and confident that their children are on task and in a safe learning environment when they’re in the Skooli online classroom.

Manage children’s accounts

  • Control balance/credit for each child
  • Add/remove child accounts as needed
  • Receive notifications when sessions are scheduled or completed

Skooli’s user friendly platform allows you to handle account administration quickly and efficiently. Managing children’s accounts means your children don’t see and aren’t required to handle payments or subscriptions. Parents can add and remove multiple children’s accounts from one parent account. If one of your children uses Skooli for four hours a month and the other for only one, both subscriptions are handled here as well. Notifications go straight to the parents for the added benefit of a lean and simplified line of communication among tutor, student, and parent.

Impersonate child’s account

  • View messages between tutor and child
  • Set up tutoring sessions for your child with tutors of your choosing

You can log in as a parent, but appear as your child. This means you can access messages between your child’s tutor and your child, and take action on behalf of your child – such as schedule future sessions and browse for suitable teachers. Your level of involvement in your child’s Skooli tutoring experience is completely up to you.

Review child’s sessions and communication

  • Monitor student/tutor sessions via notes from tutors as well as through screen-recordings of sessions

With access to transcripts, notes, and recordings, parents can gain valuable insight on their child’s learning. Screen-recordings of sessions include chat window activity, webcam video recording, and whiteboard sharing history from the session.
We built Skooli with the parent in mind. More resources for parents can be found here.

Free up your time

When your child signs up for online tutoring, you’ll find you get some hours in your week back. It’s common for parents to spend time with their children to help them with their homework. Online tutoring allows the parent to take a step back, while their child learns from a professional educator with the best tools available.

At Skooli, we recently heard from a parent who was spending approximately four hours every week, while working full time, to assist her son with his math homework in the evenings. These homework sessions were frustrating and took longer than they should. Connecting her son with an online math tutor for two sessions per week allowed the parent to have this time back and avoid the stress she was feeling before using Skooli.

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