How remote learning affects parents’ performance working from home

Mom working from home stressed by remote schooling.

Since the onset of the pandemic, most of our homes have transformed into virtual learning and working spaces. 

Unsurprisingly, working parents are not a fan of this new way of learning. 

Why? Well, remote learning affects working parents more than you might think. 

The truth is kids learning at home interrupt working parents. 

It’s no surprise that parents working from home feel extra stress and anxiety. This added stress negatively impacts their performance.

What if there was a way to prevent constant distractions, reduce stress and enable more free time for parents working from home?

Many organizations are offering their employees virtual tutoring as part of their employee benefits and perk offerings to help support parents.

Let’s look at how working parents’ performance at work is affected by virtual learning. 

Then, let’s explore why a perk such as free or reduced online tutoring packages is a great solution

How does remote learning affect parents working from home? 

Parents working remotely are often disrupted by their children’s presence at home. 

As parents attempt to navigate their own working obligations, they remain on high alert, ready to attend to their children’s needs at the drop of an Ipad. 

There are many ways virtual schooling affects parents’ performance working from home. 

The constant distractions, the extra attention their kids need and homework help on top of everything else.

Adopting a perk or benefit in the form of free or subsidized online tutoring enables working-parents to manage their schedules better and optimize their work-life balance. 

So, let’s go back to these factors and explore them in more detail.

Photo of dad working from home with kids doing remote schooling.

Remote learning distracts working parents. 

How can you support working parents, so they remain connected and engaged in their work without constant interruptions? 

Help them reduce the number of interruptions. 

Offering a benefit like subsidized virtual tutoring keeps children engaged for longer and gives parents a break from homework help. 

What’s more, online tutoring packages fit the employee’s schedule. 

For example, parents can find a time when they need extra focus for their work and schedule tutoring sessions during their work hours.

Remote learning increases stress and anxiety for parents. 

The added stress of having their kids home while working remotely is a huge burden on their own set of work responsibilities. 

Studies show that stress contributes to a decrease in work performance, higher error rate, poor quality of work, high turnover, and absenteeism due to stress-related health problems.

The goal should be to reduce your employees’ stress. Benefits like tutoring packages come with qualified tutors who can step in and make parents’ lives easier. 

Not only do they come with trained and capable tutors, but they are also vetted and safe platforms. 

Giving working parents a small perk like subsidized or free online tutoring allows them to relax. It reduces stress and anxiety, knowing their children are engaged and supported so they can focus on their work. 

Photo of a child doing remote schooling.

Support your employees working from home with an added benefit. 

A unique perk for employees is a package of tutoring sessions that suits their schedule. These tailor-made packages mean that parents don’t have to spend a long time tutoring and playing teacher. 

With a tutoring package, parents can plan sessions that suit their schedule. Employees can structure the sessions when they need to concentrate, knowing that their kids are in good hands with qualified and capable tutors. 

All in all, virtual tutoring options for your employees can reduce distractions, stress and help prevent employee burnout. 

Additionally, working parents can manage their schedules better and optimize their work-life balance. 

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