Outlier.org and Golden Gate University Launch a New Degree Program That’s Making College Affordable

outlier announces new program launch with golden gate univeristy

Skooli partner Outlier.org announced the launch of an exciting new program that’s helping make top-quality education accessible and affordable. 

In a succession of launches, the online university-level education platform made waves earlier this summer with the new release of a free online college prep course. The course aims to help increase college attendance and success, particularly for first-generation-to-college students.

Outlier’s newest program, Degrees+, joins the stage. Degrees+ was launched last week as the newest solution to increasing access to higher education at an affordable price. 

In this program, students can obtain a college education and career-relevant experience from Golden Gate University, one of the top 10% highest quality colleges in the US and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (Source: College Factual). All for less than one-third the price of the national average college tuition.

Students looking for a top-quality college education at an affordable price can now sign up for a 2-year associate degree program. Choose to earn an AS in Applied Computing, an AA in Business Administration, or an AA in Liberal Studies. 

When cost has become the number one factor in choosing a college, this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time for students and families weighing their options for next year.

Outlier is relieving some of the financial burdens of parents and families to give more students a fair chance at a fulfilling career and successful future.

Rise of Tuition Fees

College has never been more costly than it is today. Currently, the average cost of out-of-state college tuition in the United States is $27,279 per student as of Oct. 2022. (The cost of in-state tuition alone is, on average, $9,377.) The average cost of college has more than doubled in the 21st century, with an annual growth rate of 6.8%, according to the same report. 

Importance of Equitability

Industries across the nation need more representation. According to McKinsey, historically marginalized racial and ethnic populations (Black, Hispanic, Latino, Native American, and Pacific Islander) are still underrepresented in higher education among undergraduates, faculty, and leadership. Programs like Degrees+ help close the gap.

How to Sign Up for Degrees+

Sign up at Outlier. Annual tuition is $4,470 (USD), all-inclusive. Students can complete a 2-year degree that combines the best of a college education with a career-relevant industry certificate. Applications for Fall 2023 are now open!

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