Why online tutoring works for learning English

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The Skooli Online Classroom is a dynamic space designed for learning a vast variety of subjects, ranging from sciences, to areas of mathematics, to languages. When it comes to learning from an English tutor, or from an ESL tutor, the online space has a handful of features that make it especially accustomed to effective language tutoring sessions. I’ve outlined some of my favourite features for learning English below.

Choose the professional English tutor for you: licensed English teacher or certified ESL instructor

Depending on your English learning goals, you may want to select an English tutor with the best qualifications or you. While all of Skooli’s tutors are professional educators, English tutors may either be licensed English teachers or certified ESL instructors.

english online tutor esl online tutoring
Which Skooli English tutor would be the best match for you?

Licensed teachers are the perfect match for native English speaking elementary and high school students looking to sharpen their reading, writing, spelling, grammar, poetry, or English literature abilities. ESL instructors are TEFL, TESL, TESOL, or other ESL certified educators. They tend to be the right match for non-native English speakers aiming to pass their TOEFL exam or for English as a Second Language students learning within an English curriculum.

Use the right tools to hone your English skills

Learning a language requires packaging together a suite of skills, including speaking, reading, and writing. The Skooli Online Classroom was designed with each of these in mind, and as a result we have a space with tools that correspond to each of these areas:

  • Speak face-to-face using high-definition audio and video.
  • Download and open reading files via the online chat. Save them for practice later or read aloud and online with your tutor.
  • Practice your writing either by hand on the interactive whiteboard or by typing in the live chat area.

Re-watch recorded English tutoring sessions to practice

Learning English, whether as a second language or as part of your school curriculum, takes practice. That’s why Skooli allows students to return to their dashboard between sessions to re-watch past sessions. Revisiting these lessons allows the student to practice skills, refresh for upcoming sessions, use prior sessions as a homework tool, prep for tests, or improve grades. Just think, an ESL student could watch all of his past sessions leading up to his TOEFL exam!

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