Is online tutoring right for you?

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So you’ve made it to the Skooli website because you’re wondering whether online tutoring is right for you. If you’re worried that based on our previous blog post, your learning style won’t jive well with online tutoring, check out this article to learn how it can work for all types of learners.

When applied correctly, studying one-on-one in an online environment can be very productive for all learning styles, especially if you’re interested in improving a specific learning style that you’re not as strong in.

How online tutoring works for visual and linguistic learners

Visual and linguistic learners will benefit greatly from Skooli tutoring sessions because speaking with a tutor and using the screen-sharing option will help you meet your learning needs. Tutoring sessions are also the perfect environment to take lots of notes and ask lots of questions.

Other ways visual and linguistic  learners can benefit from Skooli tutoring sessions include:

  • Oral quizzes
  • Flashcard quizzes
  • Additional reading material
  • Oral summaries at the end of every tutoring session
  • Recording sessions for future referral

How does online tutoring work for the rest of us?

One-on-one tutoring is the perfect place to cater to your individual learning needs. Unlike a traditional classroom setting where teachers have to consider the learning styles of all students – and generally, they rely on linguistic/logical learning styles – personalized online tutors can adapt their lessons to help you learn best.

For more physical/kinaesthetic learners who retain information and learn the best when they can involve their body and hands in the process, Skooli sessions are beneficial because:

  • Online tutoring sessions can be scheduled in short, frequent bursts so lots of breaks can be incorporated into the learning process. That way you can get up and walk around more frequently in order to stay attentive.
  • Students can let their tutors know that they’ll be using movement (snapping, pacing, etc.) to help them retain information during the course of their lesson.

Musical learners can easily choose their own background music or white noise to help them retain information.

Social learners can benefit from Q&A sessions and one-on-one discussions during their online tutoring sessions. Since studying alone doesn’t typically work for this learning style, students that spend their study time working with a tutor will find huge benefits to each Skooli session.

Auditory/musical learners really like mnemonic devices to help them remember important information. Mnemonics are anything that translate information into something that the brain can retain better (a poem, a small rhyme, a song, an acronym, etc.). A good example is “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” to remind us the order in which North, East, South, and West appear on a compass.

Auditory learners can also record tutoring sessions and listen to them again later to study through aural repetition. Skooli online tutors can also often suggest relevant podcasts for study outside of their Skooli sessions. There are many podcasts available that can supplement study time, so start by listening to them in your spare time.

Skooli has many skilled online tutors who are used to catering to individual learning styles. We encourage you to meet an online tutor today and see how online tutoring can support your learning needs. Happy studying!

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