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[This post was updated on January 31, 2022.]

The use of digital technology in education has become commonplace.

Public and private grade schools as well as colleges and universities have made a conscious shift; they’re eager to adopt tech solutions to help students learn in new and fascinating ways.

Further, we see parents and families as a whole becoming more ed-tech savvy – using mobile apps for early years education and online tutoring platforms like ours at Skooli for academic support outside of classroom hours.

We often read about machines taking human jobs at an exponential rate or about technology removing essential human elements from day-to-day processes, but when it comes to online tutoring, real human educators are 100% vital for effective learning.

So, if companies like Skooli need tutors for our site, why should a teacher or academic dedicate time to online tutoring?

Why you should become a Skooli online tutor

Cash. As a Skooli tutor, you’ll be paid for the time you commit to helping students get better grades. You’ll earn a competitive hourly rate and can request a payout whenever you reach $100.

When you send your payout request, we’ll send you the cash via PayPal. We like to keep it simple and make sure our professional tutors are well taken care of in terms of payment.

Experience. You’ll gain valuable experience working as a Skooli online tutor. In particular, you’ll be able to hone your abilities teaching specific subjects and topics in a one-to-one learning environment.

Personalized learning is gaining steam in the education world, so being able to exercise your one-to-one tutoring muscles may allow you to flex said muscles as you make career moves in the future. Further, you’ll be working in an advanced digital space.

The Skooli classroom has plenty of features that make it a leading online tutoring service. As an online tutor, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience with ahead-of-the curve digital tools.

Edupreneurial growth. We like to call our tutors “edupreneurs” because getting involved as a tutor on Skooli not only allows you to grow as an educator, but, if you wish, as a director of your own tutoring business as well – hence the “preneur” bit.

As a Skooli tutor, you can chat with us about how to market yourself to potential students, build your business and reputation using our platform, ratings, and reviews, and in turn, maximize the extra income you can make on Skooli.

Reach more students. In comparison to traditional in-person tutoring and other online options, Skooli helps tutors by bringing students to them. If students are in search of a qualified online tutor, there’s a good chance they’ll land on the Skooli site.

Put together an engaging profile, create a great rep for yourself, and you’ll be certain to reach more students than you currently are.

How to apply to be a Skooli online tutor

Applying to tutor on Skooli is straightforward and provides us with the info we need to verify and approve you so you can get started with your first session.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start tutoring online with us:

1. Visit

2. Select whether you’d like to register using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google account.

3. Complete your basic info. Don’t forget to select a professional and inviting profile photo, add subjects you can (and are qualified) to tutor, and select grade levels you can tutor.

online tutor
Completing these fields accurately and completely will go a long way in helping you become an approved Skooli online tutor.

4. Fill out the quick form to let us know what sets you apart, your educational background (if you’re a certified teacher, definitely let us know that using the check box!), and your professional background.

Use the “What Sets You Apart” text field for info students will find helpful when selecting a tutor; show your personality, your interests, and most importantly, what makes you a great tutor.

5. Upload your government-issued photo ID document. You can either drag or click to upload. Make sure you include two images, both the front and back of your ID.

Use the Document Number field to input the number on your ID (i.e. passport number, driver’s license number).

online tutor
You’ll need to upload two ID images in order to proceed.

6. Add your post-secondary degrees. Use the upload field to provide us with scans or images of your degree(s). In the case your degree itself isn’t available, an official transcript from your college or university showing degree completion will do the trick.

To add a second or third degree, just click “Save & Add More”.

7. Add your teaching license. If you’re a qualified teacher, this step is super important – it lets us verify your teaching credentials.

Just like adding your degree, upload your teaching license via the upload field.

8. Almost done. Add your criminal record check. If you haven’t completed a criminal record check in the past year, you can request one from your state or provincial police, or use an online service.

Skooli doesn’t require a criminal record check, but it is recommended, as parents and students are more inclined to book time with a tutor who supplies a CRC. 

9. Review and submit your application by clicking or tapping the “Finish” button! 

What happens after you apply?

After you complete your registration, our team will take a look at your credentials.

At Skooli, we stress the importance of having the most qualified tutors possible active on our site, so not every applicant will be verified.

However, if you are verified, we’ll let you know and you’ll be live as an approved Skooli tutor on the site right away.

Ready to get started as a Skooli tutor? Register as a Skooli online tutor here.

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