How To Stop Summer Slide

two students enjoying summer and learning to avoid summer slide

That dreaded summer learning loss, or summer slide, seems like it steals so much of your students’ hard work and progress made throughout the year.

Post COVID, many students are still reeling from the school interruptions and impromptu long-distance learning. Summer slide just compounds these problems by widening the gap between what they learned and what they retain.

One study from the American Educational Research Journal found that students in grades 1 -8 can lose as much as a 1/3 of a year’s prior learning over the summer break. This summer slide is one amusement park ride that teachers and parents definitely don’t want their students at this summer. But your students don’t have to take that ride!

So how do we encourage students to retain all that information? There’s the obvious, or seemingly so, solution of simply keeping students on the grind for the season. But is that really the best way to handle learning loss? Kids need a break. Teachers need a break. And good teachers know that learning can happen without cracking the whip.

Perhaps the best learning of all is learning that students engage themselves in, such as solving problems in their own world, engaging in their natural surroundings, and learning fun new things about their world face to face.

Skooli knows that students learn in different ways, that’s why a 1:1 tutoring setup is so important to us. Summer tutoring does not have to feel like a punishment. Math games can help students retain by practicing their skills. Make time in the kitchen your own science lab.

Exploring the outside world and gathering information through scavenger hunts can be done across National Parks or right in your backyard. Wildlife abounds in the summer, and observing and writing about their surroundings is a great way for kids to stay sharp and interested.

The tutors at Skooli are happy to walk with you on this summer learning journey, keeping ideas fresh and interesting. Summer retention doesn’t have to be a battle, and you don’t have to sit back and watch the summer slide steal so much of the progress your student has worked so hard to gain all year.

There’s a whole world out there your students can learn from this summer, and Skooli tutors are all about joining you and your students on that learning adventure. Check out our website today for a quote for your student or institution.

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