Getting the most out of tutoring: Being prepared

Working with a Skooli tutor is a great way to get ahead in school. Get the most out of your learning sessions by making sure you’re prepared for each one and don’t waste your learning time.

Bring your assignment sheet, if applicable. In order to ensure that you get the highest grade possible, your tutor will want to see the assignment sheet so they can check every guideline. You don’t want to lose points for writing essays with too broad of a focus, using the wrong formatting, or following incorrect problem-solving procedures.

In addition, have all materials ready so that you don’t interrupt your tutoring session every few minutes. Keep textbooks, notes, worksheets, and assignment sheets on hand, as well as any tools (calculators, pencils, dictionaries/dictionary apps, etc). Leaving the room frequently to find materials will waste time in your tutoring session and disrupt your learning.

If you’ve just had a quiz or assignment, bring it to your study session so that your tutor can see where you’re making the most improvement and where you still need work. It can be especially helpful to show your tutor any feedback your teacher has provided so that he or she can better understand your teacher’s expectations.

Before your lesson starts, make a list of questions you’d like your tutor to cover. Although you might have some in mind, it’s easy to forget them when the time comes, and you want to make sure you ask everything you need to while you have your tutor’s attention.

In addition, have a timeline or class syllabus so your tutor can schedule a plan for your learning. You’ll need to work differently if you have a test next week or if you’re just starting a new unit, and it’s important to share any deadlines for assignments so that you’re not rushed at the last minute.

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