Do your favorite things while studying online

Have you asked yourself — “how am I going to manage to find time to meet with an online tutor when I have so many other interests going on?” You’re not alone, we all struggle with managing to find time for the things we love to do while trying to fit in extra study time to improve our grades.

Luckily, some of these things that you love to do in your spare time can be done while studying. “How’s that?” You might be thinking. Read below for some tips.


Feeling like you need to squeeze in some time to stretch while studying? Itching to stand up and out of a chair after spending your day in class? It’s easy to do some stretches while you have your online tutoring session. Just let your tutor know that you’ll be moving your arms and legs a little while you study. There are plenty of studies that show that performing some exercise while studying something can help with memory retention. Look online for some stretches or simple exercises to do while studying with your tutor to help you stay focused.

Another great tip is setting up a standing desk to get you out of a seat and change up your studying posture. If you don’t want to spend much money on setting one up, there are plenty of DIY tips for setting one up. Just make sure it’s set up in an ergonomic way!

Listening to music

You don’t have to have complete silence while you get study help. In fact, for some learning styles, music helps trigger memories and can enhance your memory recall. So if you want to listen to your favorite artist’s new album, put it on and let your tutor know that music helps you study.


If you like to sketch or draw in your down time, this is definitely be something that you can incorporate into your online tutoring sessions. Actually, it might even help you remember what you and your tutor have studied by giving you a visual cue for new concepts. Keep a pad of paper or a sketchbook close by while studying to give you the chance to doodle. Just don’t let this become a distraction!

For some people, keeping their bodies or hands busy while meeting with a tutor online for a study session can dramatically improve their ability to stay focused and even enjoy studying more. If you think this would help you to improve your grades and your memory recall, your tutor will understand. After all, they’re there to help!

Now that you know you studying can be fun, take a minute to browse our online tutors.

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