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We think you’ll really like some of the changes we’ve made to our digital classroom. While the Skooli Online Classroom has always been a great space for online tutoring sessions, we’ve recently added several features that aim to help Skooli students, tutors, parents, and schools have a more enjoyable and productive experience with us.

The idea behind constantly updating our virtual learning environment is to make sure students are properly equipped to learn at the absolute best of their abilities, while online tutors are able to best deliver enlightening lessons to those students.

Below are some of the new features that will help refine the way Skooli users learn and teach.

1. Change the whiteboard background

Skooli online tutoring classroom

Hover your mouse over the top left corner of the whiteboard to peel back a section of the space and reveal a menu with new background options. Skooli’s traditional blank whiteboard backdrop can be replaced with one of five new options: lines, double lines, squares, coordinate grid, or periodic table. These backgrounds make the whiteboard more practical when learning and teaching specific subjects, such as functions on the coordinate grid or chemistry on the periodic table. 

2. Drag and drop images

Drag an image from anywhere on your computer and drop it onto the whiteboard to add it to your lesson space. You can resize the image using the hand tool or remove it from the whiteboard with the eraser. Images can come in handy during an online tutoring session for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s used for sharing a picture of a homework assignment or to share other learning resources. Although image files could be shared in the classroom before, drag and drop to the whiteboard makes things more efficient.

3. Share your pointer

skooli online tutoring classroom features

Select the “Share pointer” tool. When the pointer icon in the whiteboard toolbar appears gold, it means your pointer can be seen by the student or tutor you’re sharing the classroom with. This is a great feature for referencing content on the whiteboard without needing to write or draw anything new.

4. New chat window design

Chat looks and feels better than before. Communicate with your tutor or student in a more enjoyable way with a new look and feel.  

5. Improved large video functionality

Sometimes you’ll want to view your tutor or student on a larger part of your screen, but you’ll still want to be able to interact on the whiteboard or chat window simultaneously. Improved design in large video mode gives the whiteboard and chat more space without taking away from the video feed.

6. Whiteboard tool tips

Not sure what a whiteboard tool does? Hover over it and we’ll tell you.

7. Demo the Skooli Online Classroom →

You can now enter the classroom anytime. Hop in and try out the learning space on your own to get familiar with the tools and features.
Enter the classroom now →


Please note: New classroom features will be available on Skooli’s mobile apps for iOS and Android soon. 

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