11 best online tutoring websites

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It’s no surprise that students are able to dramatically improve their school performance with the help of an online tutor. 

The one-on-one support offers exceptional help and feedback, is self-paced, and offers students a comfortable and intimate space to work through their academic struggles. 

As a direct result of this, learners are able to develop their critical thinking and confidence. 

But in order to have a positive experience and improve student grades, it’s important to choose the right tutoring platform and tutor

Here are the 11 best online tutoring websites to help you make the right decision. 

  1. Skooli 
  2. Preply 
  3. Khan Academy 
  4. Club Z
  5. Growing Stars 
  6. Chegg 
  7. TutorMe 
  8. Learn to Be
  9. eTutorWorld
  10. Revolution Prep 
  11. Special Ed Tutoring 

1. Skooli 

Skooli is an established and unique student-focused learning platform that was created by the Teach Away team as a place to support students’ learning needs. 

Offering tutor support in math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, English, science, and business, the opportunities for expanding students’ knowledge and helping them meet their goals can be easy and effortless. 

In fact, students are guaranteed to get better grades when they are connected with the right online teachers!

The platform is created with an easy step-by-step process for receiving support. You can start by writing what area(s) you require help with, as you then get connected with the right tutor for your needs. 

Once you find the right tutor, you can easily begin your online classroom sessions. 

2. Preply

Preply’s user-friendly interface is convenient and easy to use. The platform is created to partner students with a tutor that will help them excel in a particular subject area or learn a new language. 

You can sign up to find the right English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese or Chinese tutor! The list goes on to Urdu, Hebrew, and so many other languages. 

What better way to practice your language skills than with a native speaker? 

You can narrow down your availability, needs, and budget in the ‘choose a tutor’ section.

3. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is designed for every student’s needs. 

Their goal is to help students excel in education while ensuring they receive the best possible help. The curriculum materials are in-depth, also offering tools for teachers to empower their students’ understanding of a subject area. 

The resources available include instructional videos, practice exercises that facilitate discussions, and personalized learning dashboards that are designed to help students learn at their own speed. 

From math, history, economics to K-14 and test preparations (LSAT, SAT), the platform is for students of all ages. 

4. Club Z

Club Z offers personalized professional tutoring for your schedule. 

Students are able to learn from the comforts of their home, and in order to find the perfect student-tutor match, Club Z offers students the ability to speak to their tutor online before they proceed to the appointment. 

The tutors are all experienced, certified professionals that are knowledgeable in a wide range of subject areas, from writing, reading, math, music lessons, foreign languages, and much more. 

5. Growing Stars 

Growing Stars is known for its affordable online tutoring program. 

The custom curriculum and one-on-one tutoring have proven to be successful since 2004, helping thousands of students improve their grades. 

The tutor will use the same textbook that kids use in their everyday classroom to ensure that what they are learning is aligned. 

Growing Stars’ goal is to help students renew their interest in learning and improve their skills. 

6. Chegg 

Chegg’s vision is to help ‘students learn more in less time and at a lower cost.’ 

The mission is to help kids with their learning in the present moment but also beyond school, as they take their wisdom with them through life. 

Chegg offers online tutoring help for homework, exam prep, writing support, and much more. Students could even receive support with their College admission process if needed.

7. TutorMe

TutorMe wants to ensure students get better grades. 

In order to do so, they partner students from around the world with the best and most qualified instructors. 

The lesson plans include whiteboards, text editors, audio/video chat, and screen-sharing. Once completed, they are saved and archived so that the lesson can be viewed and listened to again.

Offering on-demand tutoring and online courses, TutorMe wants to empower learning. 

8. Learn to Be 

Learn to Be is a non-profit organization, with a mission to provide students from underserved communities around the United States with one-on-one online tutoring. 

They believe that every student needs equal opportunities for learning, not just those whose families can afford it. 

That is why Learn to Be caters to a schedule and payment that works for you. 

9. eTutorWorld

eTutorWorld understands that each child learns differently, which is why all one-on-one tutoring is customized. 

They use a learning-by-design method, helping students set goals and ensuring the teacher’s lesson plans are a good fit for the student’s needs. In order to ensure quality tutoring, all of their tutors are trained in federal and state curriculums. 

The support includes K-12 online tutoring and test prep (ACT, SAT, SCAT, ISEE, etc). 

eTutorWorld also offers a free trial session to determine if this is the right fit for you. 

10. Revolution Prep 

Revolution Prep hires full-time tutors that are experts in their field, ensuring students are set up for academic success and long-term confidence. 

Their philosophy is about connecting students with the right tutor and the right mindset. 

That is why online learning is interactive and matches a student’s particular learning style. 

The goal is to lower stress, receive higher scores and better grades. 

11. Special Ed Tutoring 

Special Ed Tutoring helps students with special needs improve their grades and enhance their learning. 

All of the tutors hired through Special Ed Tutoring have a Bachelor’s in special education, as they dedicate themselves to ensuring their students excel. 

The virtual environment is created to be fun, interactive, motivational, and supportive. 

Signing up for online tutoring 

The benefits of online tutoring are endless!

The key is to find the right organization and to take that next step. 

If your students are struggling or need the extra support, this is the perfect way to ensure they get the help they need, while growing their confidence and expertise with ease. 

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