3 good reasons to try online tutoring

We get it — for anyone who hasn’t given online tutoring a try, it’s easy to be a skeptic. Why would an online tutoring experience be better than in-person? Let us tell you.

We at Skooli believe in our edupreneurs. When there’s an open marketplace, students can be more picky about tutors’ individual skill sets and teaching styles. You don’t have to kiss goodbye the one-on-one live tutoring experience if you choose Skooli, you just get to have these personalized tutoring sessions from the comfort of your own home (or wherever!).

Still need more convincing? Read below for our top 3 reasons to make the switch to online tutoring.

We’re going digital

What can’t you do online anymore? You can order a pizza online, shop online, and even see a doctor online. It’s all about convenience. So why not meet with a tutor online? Save yourself the hassle of traveling to get your questions answered.

See a tutor when you need it most

If you’re trying to review for a test you have in a couple of days and nothing makes any sense to you, you may want to meet with a tutor sooner than later. But sometimes, with those brick and mortar tutor services, it’s tougher to get last-minute appointments. With Skooli, if one tutor isn’t available, another will be. Your tutoring time just opened up to 24 hours a day!

Plenty of review time

Like we’ve mentioned before, students who need more review time or benefit from playback or repetition can take advantage of this better during an online tutoring session. It’s easy to screen cap whiteboard material and record sessions for playback later.

So with almost everything moving to digital (magazines, newspapers, courses), why not give online tutoring a try?

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