Meet Wyatt

Wyatt is a bright student from Stewart BC, a small town of only approximately 500 residents situated on the Alaskan border. In his eighth grade year, Wyatt began to face difficulties with math.

Although his mom was able to help him find solutions to his math problems, these study sessions were often extensive and frustrating. Connecting with an online math tutor with Skooli emerged as an option for Wyatt; the free trial gave him the opportunity to try the Skooli classroom and get to know his tutor cost-free before getting started with weekly sessions.

Wyatt wasn’t enjoying the subject at all and he wasn’t getting the support he needed at school. We couldn’t find a local tutor, so we used Skooli to find an online math tutor for Wyatt. Now he’s improved by whole letter grades and scored 100% on a math test for the first time.”
— Moira, Wyatt’s mother
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Meet Moira

“I work full time. I was spending four hours a week helping Wyatt with his math homework. Usually I could find solutions to his math problems, but I wasn’t always able to explain how and why I found the answers. The way I tried to explain solving problems was different from how Wyatt’s teacher explained it — homework was taking a long time and was sometimes very frustrating.”

As a result, Moira began to seek tutoring support for her son. She chose Skooli as an online tutoring option due to the fact that both the school of approximately 80 students and their small town didn’t have the academic resources Wyatt needed.

How Wyatt Adapted To Online Tutoring With Skooli

When you’re struggling with a subject, experimenting with a new way of learning as well as a tutor you’ve never studied with before, it’s understandable to feel slightly uncomfortable. This was the case with Wyatt. “He was apprehensive prior to his first session, so I sat in with him through his first couple of Skooli lessons to help him feel more relaxed.” said Moira.

After their first few sessions with Avery, who Moira and Wyatt chose after searching for a tutor by subject and checking his ratings and reviews, Wyatt was already gaining confidence and had taken a genuine liking for online tutoring. He had become familiar with the Skooli platform and its learning tools as well as Avery’s teaching style. Wyatt was gaining skills and knowledge, and he was feeling much better about his math competence – both in class and while working with his online math tutor.

Moving Forward With Skooli

Wyatt became eager to keep learning with Skooli. His sessions are scheduled for right after school, so he can come home and jump online with his tutor right away. He’s enjoying the digital classroom and loves the way his tutor has helped him tackle challenging math units over the semester. Wyatt sees math in a much more positive way than he did before starting with Skooli.

“He’s asking and answering questions in class!”
— Moira

Wyatt has developed a stronger sense of inquisitiveness and a passion for the subject he didn’t have before. Due to Wyatt’s growth while using Skooli for math, Moira and Wyatt plan on using the service to help Wyatt tackle challenging science courses next school year.



Skyrocketing Math Grades

Wyatt has improved from a low C average to a high B student In a matter of weeks. He has improved his overall math grade by 14%.



Wyatt scored 100% on a math test for the first time ever.

Happy face

Confident & Inquisitive

Wyatt has gone from a quiet student to an active participant in class discussion. He’s asking and answering questions on a regular basis with increasing confidence week over week.


Moira Got Her Evenings Back

After spending two very frustrating hours with Wyatt’s math homework every Tuesday and Thursday, Moira has freed up over four hours a week and reduced her stress level in a significant way.