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  • Laurie Bedard

Elementary School Teacher @ St-Lambert Elementary
Education @ McGill University, Class of 1994
I can tutor
Grade: Elementary, College
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About Laurie

I have been teaching K-12 for 22 years. I have taught all grade levels and nearly all subjects! I also have a M.A. in counseling psychology and specialize in teaching students with learning and/or behavioural difficulties. I can also teach introduction to psychology and counselling psychology at the college and university level.



McGill University
1991 - 1994

Teaching certificate

Teaching certificate - Quebec Government
1999 - 2019

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Psychology and Counseling

Goddard College
2006 - 2009

Teaching Liscence

Quebec Governement
1994 - 1999
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I specialize in helping students with learning disabilities

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