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Deliah Dixon

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  • Deliah Dixon

Teacher @ Al Ghaith
Education @ Mico University, Class of 2010
I can tutor , , ,
Grade: Elementary, Middle School
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About Deliah

I am a proud mom of 3 awesome boys, a certified teacher for over 10 years and a computer wiz. After all these years, I still looooooove what I do - educate my students. My goal is to raise the achievements of my students way beyond their expectations in a very supportive, caring, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I get excited when my students are successful. If you also want to build your confidence in the subject in a fun way, then without a doubt, I am the tutor for you.



Mico University
2008 - 2010


Catholic College of Mandeville
2002 - 2007

Professional Educator Certificate

Professional Educator Certificate - North Carolina Department of Instruction
2012 - 2017

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Computer Literacy, Elementary subjects, English, Mathematics

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