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Primary school and High School English Teacher @ S...
Hospitality Management @ University of Cape Town, ...
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Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School
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Howzit. I am Chris.
I am a younger teacher not one of these teachers that are uniform and everything must be done 100% on the first go. We all make mistakes and that is what makes us human. Like I always say practice makes you better but not perfect as we are constantly learning everyday and if you are not learning then you will not achieve what you set out to do. Meeting students from all over the world is the best thing ever as we learn from each other and that is what is important. I like to make jokes and have fun whilst I am teaching as I feel that is the way it should be done and the students actually listen and get involved which is the best way to teach. It is all about having fun and not to be bored and not knowing what was taught in the lesson. As a teacher I wan the students to be comfortable and to have fun and yes of course we will learn at the same time. I also love food and I love to surf. So going for a surf in the morning is the way to start the day.



University Of Cape Town
2003 - 2006

Chris Keith Isherwood

Chris Keith Isherwood - The TEFL Academy
2019 - 2024

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ESL Teacher. Basic and Additional English

Satit Udomsesuksa Academy Thailand
Jun 2019 - Mar 2020


  • Concentration on each students specific needs.
  • Making lessons fun and interesting.
  • Build a form of trust with each student.
  • Patience with any student that has learning difficulties. 
  • Always learning from the students.
  • Taking time to get to know my students and what there interests are and what they like to do for fun.