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Online American History Tutors

Are you struggling to remember important dates and figures in American History? If you need a little extra study help to get to know the American presidents and key historical moments, connect with a Skooli tutor today.


Anatomy @ McGill University

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History & German @ Lipscomb University

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M.A. History @ N.U.I Maynooth

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B. A. Education and Spanish @ Houston Baptist University

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History @ University of British Columbia

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Psychology @ University of Houston - Central

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History @ The George Washington University

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MBA @ University of Tennessee

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History @ Sacramento State University

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Art History @ University of British Columbia

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History and English @ Wisconsin Lutheran College

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English Education M.A. @ University of South Florida

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American history is a fascinating subject to study but sometimes remembering all the dates, who signed the Constitution first, and the first Ten Amendments can be difficult. Here at Skooli we have American history tutors who can help you learn about everything from the American Revolution to the Cold War.

All of our tutors are certified teachers to ensure you’re getting the best help available. Sign up for Skooli to get American history tutoring today!