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  • Trevor Ban

Chemistry @ Westmont College, Class of 2015
I can tutor , , ,
Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School
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About Trevor

Hello, learners!!! I'm excited for your engagement with this life-long process of learning.

As a teacher, my goal is to help you acheive academic success and personal/intellectual growth. I understand that everyone learns differently, and it is my priority as a tutor to find the learning methods that work best for you. This process can be both exciting and terribly frustrating, and it is my goal to make it as fun and productive for you as possible.  

I graduated from Westmont College with a B.S. in Chemistry and a minor in Psychology. I am currently teaching myself programming and data science (we're in the learning same boat).

I would love to speak with you further about your learning goals to see if we are a good fit. Whether you work with me or another tutor, I wish you the best in your life-long learning journey.  



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Data Science

2018 - 2020

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