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As a former university lecturer with years of experience, I understand that students face many problems inside and outside the classroom. You have competing demands for your time and attention. I'm here to help make things easier by providing clear explanations, guided practice, and maybe the occasional pep-talk! No matter how anxious or how lost you feel, I can help.

I view my students holistically. You aren't a machine that exists to pump out math answers. Math is important, but it's also important that you take care of yourself and manage your stress. I've seen too many over-achievers burn themselves out during their first year in college by over-committing. Pacing yourself is extremely important, and I'll be here to gently remind you that many small study sessions are easier and more effective than an all-nighter of cramming.

Besides mathematics, I enjoy playing video games, especially Legend of Zelda, and playing D&D.
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University of California
Aug 2015 - Aug 2017

Teaching Assistant

University of California
Aug 2012 - Feb 2015


I know what college is really like from both sides. I worked as a University Teaching Assistant (3 years) running math workshops and as a University Lecturer (2 years). I've taught or run workshops for classes such as Pre-Calculus, Calculus (including Vector Calculus), Intro to Statistics, and Intro to Differential Equations. I primarily tutor Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calc, first year Calculus, and lower division Linear Algebra. I will consider requests for higher-level material or Statistics on a case-by-case basis as I may need to prep more for them.

I'm happy to teach the basics or talk about how math can be used in the real world. My Master's thesis was on modeling high-viscosity fluid flow, which is useful for modeling the movement of micro-organisms. This means I also have some background in scientific computing and languages such as MATLAB, R, and C++ and exposure to many uses for Applied Mathematics.



University of California
2012 - 2015

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