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  • Taylor Deedy

Speech-Language Pathologist @ City Sounds of NY
Speech-Language Pathology @ University of Connecti...
I can tutor , , , ,
Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School
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About Taylor

My name is Taylor Deedy. I have my Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Connecticut. I have a passion for encouraging each individual student to reach their full potential. I believe in augmenting children’s weaknesses while facilitating their strengths. I am eager to do so through collaboration with other team members and the families of students. I find enjoyment and success in tailoring education to best suit each student’s individual needs in a nurturing environment, promoting self-confidence and providing the type of support of each student needs to shine.



University of Connecticut
2014 - 2016


University of Connecticut
2011 - 2014

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