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Retired middle school PreAP English teacher @ Cany...
English/journalism @ West Texas A&M, Class of 1989
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Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School
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 You have to first believe in yourself. once you do, the possibilities are endless.  With my background of teaching ELAR for 16 years, I feel like I am am very good at speaking teacher language - meaning I can decode what your teacher may be saying in normal words.  In the strange times we find ourselves in with remote learning, perhaps I can help you navigate or figure out the assignments your teachers are trying to convey.  I love all things related to writing and helping students craft amazing essays. I am a grammar/word nerd as well.  When not helping students, I am doing my own writing.  Whatever, I suggest to improve your pieces, is something I've done with my own. However, there is also the reading side of ELAR, and I enjoy helping students see new things as they read the text as well.  



West Texas A&M
1987 - 1989

ELAR 4-8

ELAR 4-8 - TX
2004 - 2022

ELAR 4-8

ELAR 4-8 - West Texas A&M
2003 - 2022

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I love all things writing and playing with words to make it shine.  In my free time, I also enjoy writing and everything I ask a student to do in their writing, I do as well.  I will try different ways to help you understand the concept because not everyone learns the same way.  My favorite thing in the classroom is helping students who feel they hate reading or writing discover that they can actually do well with both.  It just takes time and patience and finding the right book.  Not everyone will write stories of adventure like Rick Riordan, but you could write in the style of a Mike Lupica who started off writing for Sports Illustrated and ESPN.  You may not know where your strength lies but I can help you uncover it.  While I am certified ELAR 4-8, I would be happy to help high school and college as well.  I am also accomplished in helping students understand reading assignments and diving into the text for deeper comprehension.