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Senior Software Engineer @ Visa
10+ Yrs Tutor & Programmer(Java,Python,Javascript,...
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Grade: Middle School, High School, College
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Available Timings (IST) : 8AM - 10AM  and 9PM - 1AM IST
Please feel free to connect with me in the above mention timings.

Hope you are doing good. Myself Sumeet and I have over 10 years of software development experience in various product-based companies like Dell, Visa. I am very passionate about learning and teaching software development, programming languages, and algorithms.

I graduated in 2015 with an Electrical major. And since my college days I liked teaching a lot. I started by friendly tutoring my classmates who had troubled understanding the subjects or someone who just loved my simplified way of explaining the topics and practical approaches. I even coached students on preparation for software job interviews and placements.

I always believed in giving back to the society. So I wanted to join this platform to help students like you.



IIIT bhubaneswar
2011 - 2015

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I believe a good teacher holds the hands of students and brings them above his own level with knowledge and wisdom. It's a journey that is priceless and pure. I believe in doing the same for my own students.
I Love teaching
  1. Coding / Programming,
  2. Data Structures and Algorithms,
  3. Object Oriented Programming,
  4. System design,
  5. Javascript,
  6. Web-Development
  7. HTML and CSS,
  8. Java,
  9. SpringBoot,
  10. DBMS and SQL(Intermediate)