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Meteorologist, Oceanographer & Tutor @ Skooli Netw...
Meterorology @ Penn State, Class of 2009
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Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
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I love helping people! Whether it's learning math, writing, reading, etc., I really enjoy seeing others succeed via my assistance. I try to relate to students in whatever they enjoy and in doing so, apply concepts to our like interests to work through difficult subjects as well as to help foster a good, professional relationship. I have tutored 1000s of students in math, science, standardized testing, and English in the past and they have enjoyed resounding success and continue to reach out for my assistance, with 99% positive reviews. I look forward to working with and meeting many students and parents while helping them succeed in any way I can. In addition, I am a meteorologist and oceanographer following my graduation at Penn State University with a BS in Meteorology. Finally, I earned a Master's degree in Physical Oceanography from MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution while researching how hurricanes affect the ocean below.
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  • Test Prep - I have helped multiple students jump significant levels on their respective tests (SAT - +300 points, ACT - +6 points, ISEE)
  • Math - I tutor math daily and working through examples, have often been told, "thank you so much, you explained that better than my teacher and now I understand it," with 1000s of positive reviews to show for it
  • Science - As a meteorologist and oceanographer, I love tutoring physical science as that is what I do and am most passionate about!
  • Writing - I normally edit 2-3 writing pieces per week in which students receive a project nearly ready for submission, with all grammar and spelling issues removed and parallel structure, improved flow, and reduced repetition maintained



Penn State
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