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Physics @ University of Missouri, Class of 2005
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I have the experience, knowledge, passion and tools to help students master Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, and its applications (to Engineering, and Business). I hold a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Missouri. I have been teaching and tutoring students for the last 15 years. I utilize tools such as MATLAB, Excel, and Wolfram Alpha in providing students with required demonstrations. I train students from High School to Graduate School level.

Every student that comes in for help has a unique set of needs. I sit down with the students, and quickly come up with a mutually satisfactory approach towards fulfilling their educational needs. Tutoring provides me a means to shape the thought process of aspiring scientists and engineers and it gives me immense pleasure to witness their epiphanies.



University of Missouri
2000 - 2005

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I have been teaching and tutoring students in Physics for the last 15 years. I have been an Assistant Professor of Physics at a major university. I can help high school, undergraduate and graduate students in solving problems and mastering the theory.

I can help students on almost any topics in Physics such as Mechanics, Properties of Matter, Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism, Electrical Circuits, Optics, and Special Theory of Relativity. If you are an advanced student, I can work with you on Classical Mechanics, Quantum mechanics, and Electrodynamics. In addition to Physics, I can help students on Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Finance, and Computer Programming in C++ or MATLAB.