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Editor @ Cactus Communications
Chemistry @ University of Strathclyde, Class of 20...
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Grade: Middle School, High School, College

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I am a patient, persistent, knowledgeable, friendly, attentive, and understanding Scot with a PhD in chemistry determined to help you achieve your goals and very much looking forward to meeting you!

For two years I encouraged a hard working student as she successfully struggled through her high-school mathematics curriculum, including topics such as geometry, advanced trigonometry, fundamental algebra, and calculus. I was able to play to her pattern recognition and mechanical repetition strengths, while also improving her understanding of the basics she already knew so that she gained a better feeling for mathematical problem solving in general. 

During my time in academia I acquired six years of experience guiding 100+ students through various projects and courses, identifying their individual difficulties, and searching for the right holes in their understanding so that they could progress with their studies.



University of Strathclyde
2008 - 2012


University of Strathclyde
2003 - 2008

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Analytical Chemist

William Grant and Sons
Sep 2015 - Feb 2016


Cactus Communications
Dec 2016 - Present


When teaching, I will always aim to guide you to the answer rather than continually give you the solution and expect you to memorize. I am very good at that annoying trait of answering questions with questions. It may be annoying, but it works! And it gets to the root of the gap in understanding.

Two things I learned going through my own education that I found it helped to remember when preparing for exams.

1. The exam you are preparing for is the most important one you've ever sat. It always works that way in education. No one ever cares about what grade you got a year ago, now is what's important. BUT, this means a year from now everyone, including you, will have mostly forgotten about this grade. Exams are important, but whatever the result, you are going to find a way forward.

2. When things start going wrong in an exam remember, you probably don't need full marks to get a grade you'll be very happy with!