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This essay explores the significant influence teaching has had on my life, growing up in a big city, education was the cornerstone of my upbringing, after earning my Master's degree in my own country, Pakistan MSc (Masters in Biotechnology). I moved to the United States to pursue a career in education. I finished a second Master's degree in computer science there and was hired as an adjunct professor, I gained a lot of confidence and success from my first teaching position, I have also been able to develop my skills in self-directed learning as the design is such a large area of study.
As a Master's degree holder in Biotechnology and Computer Science I have earned advanced degree in education M.Ed. form UWF, Florida and attended numerous professional development workshops (IB, IGCSE), and obtained certifications in technology integration.




Long island University
2001 - 2003


University of Karachi
1998 - 1999


University of west Florida
2005 - 2008

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2021 - 2024

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IB Biology Teacher

Istanbul American School
Feb 2022 - Present


Currently, I am working as a full-time teacher at International School in Istanbul Turkey, where I am teaching IBDP Biology to high school and MYP/ American curriculum to grade 9 to 12. As an experienced teacher.My area of expertise in teaching the IB program and the IGCSE is learning the curriculum and then how to teach it, followed by exam papers and how to answer them.  Biology terminology might be challenging, but there are ways to simplify complex concepts. methods for memorization writing essential terms in an effective manner.
Finally, I pride myself on being a role model and mentor to my students. I encourage them to be independent learners, to take risks, and to be responsible for their own learning. I also provide guidance and support to help them prepare for their future careers and to become successful individuals.